Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Over

I think it's over between my new boyfriend and me. Out of everything I've been through with men, I know my instincts have never steered me wrong. I thought I could trust this new guy of mine but after the lack of affection, planning and some other factors on his part, I feel it's over. It all began yesterday afternoon when what I thought was a nice gesture had suddenly turned into deceit. He called me from his work to tell me he had made hotel reservations for us, so that we could spend some quality time together because heaven-forbid he invites me to his place (25 minutes away).
He called me twice while I was getting ready so I called him as I was leaving, only to have him pick up the phone awaking from his nap. Turned out he never made any reservation at all as he had told me he had. He didn't even wear the proper attire to the club we usually go to where he said we would probably spend some time at if we wanted. Every time we plan to meet up he has always been late, I can understand there was an accident last night, but he has been late the other times we had planned to meet up. So when we finally made it over to his hotel of choice it looked like some ghetto hotel/motel that was connected to a Waffle House (AKA Awful House). I felt I deserved better and acted a bit like a spoiled-brat and backed my car up and took off out of that roach hotel parking lot. Out of all the hotels there it seems as if he picked the cheapest one, which was so not cute/romantic or a place where I'd want to spend quality time with someone (it's actually the 4th cheapest hotel on My Father is president for a government business, I can't be up in a place like that, it's bad enough with him he never picks up my bar tab (with my 1 drink of $5 on the tab usually) and he never stops me from paying when we go to dinner (only $21.00 last night).

Don't preach to me how you're some "southern gentlemen" when you're too slow to get the door for me so I'd rather do it myself just as my single-self has been doing (like what do I need you for anyway?).

Monday, August 25, 2008

Is He "The One"

I've seen this man around my frequent watering hole, he chats up a storm with everyone he meets, is friendly, fun and so adorable. At that rate I wasn't sure what his story was...if he was single, a player, married or looking for something serious. All I knew was that he talked to my friends and always went a little out of his way to give that extra "hello, how are you" my way.

To make a long story short after about a month or so had passed of us doing the meet and greet at the watering hole and having those awkward moments of strangers that bump in the night and a full moon on the horizon...something had sparked. He asked me to dance...but this time was different from our brief 2 seconds of standing a mile apart on the dance floor before. We danced...and danced...and danced some more...we got closer and closer with our arms around one another. We felt the affection between each other that we had both been missing for years in our lives.

Needless to say we've started a serious relationship together. Of course I'm skeptical and a bit scared, but he says he really likes me a lot and I really like him too. Hopefully my trust in him will grow and we may fall in love. As of now...I feel there are secrets between us, secrets that if not told could make or break a newly ignited relationship.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Okay so the last dude I blogged about I was hoping to "86" him...although I suppose the tables perhaps turned when he didn't appreciate me saying something about his financial situation. Needless to say he found a new job and a new place to live and basically bailed out on me. He promised he'd meet up with me though last week to return my shampoo and conditioner although...he of course stood me up. Never the less, I could care less about the shampoo and conditioner...maybe he can use it on his dog since he didn't have any hair himself, heh.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


At this point I have lost count of how many dates I've had this year and how many people I have met. I've been hit on by married men(found out about that through MySpace), I've been hit on by men that tell me "age is just a number" but then lie to me about how old they really are, also old flames trying to rekindle what once was which is totally annoying and the list goes on and on from there. Numerous times I have fallen victim to what a guy through the net preaches to tell he would never cheat, he's a good guy, he'll like me no matter what, he'll be their for me and yadda-yadda(B.S.!!). Guys will tell you anything to get in your panties or have you give them something(if you catch my drift).

I have recently been seeing a man almost as old as my own Mother. He is everything I'm not interested x-marine, Caucasian, old, divorced, recently jobless(and almost apartment-less) and smokes indoors. Although he claims to go to the gym often and be a personal trainer...his body doesn't seem all that great(not to hate because I am not perfect but if I was working out that much...I'd think I'd have a better bod). The best thing about him would have to be his pet Dog that is such a loving and affectionate pooch. He constantly tells me about his x-wife and x-gf and every time I talk about myself the conversation turns into something directed about him. I don't even think he's over both of those relationships because he just lives in the past soo much. Its like...I'm trying to get to know him and I feel like I know more about his "Martha Stewart" x-wife and his physco x-gf than I do about him.

Example #1:
I say: "I feel so tired"
he says: "I hear ya I am mentally tired from job hunting"

Common now! Tired from sitting your butt on the computer all day and job hunting and then telling me your going to the gym for two hours...that is not nearly tired at all. Tired is when you can barely drive yourself home and stay awake at work and concentrate.

Example #2:
He Says: "I almost bought you that beer tonight"
I Say to myself: "Yea right, cheap bastard"

Example #3:
He Says: "I'm a Gentlemen, bet you don't know what that is"
I Say: "If you were such a Gentlemen you would've paid my tab"
He Says: "I only pay when it's an official date"

Every time I try to give me a compliment it always ends with him like "Oh, that's nothing". Its getting very annoying and I don't even want to bother complimenting him anymore since its like he's trying to make himself seem more impressive than he is(which he really isn't).

Example #4
I say: "Wow, your bike is really dirty, you must be working hard!"
He says: "Oh that ain't nothin, its usually dirtier"

About the only nice things he has said to me is that I'm "classic", "wise "and that I'm the "sexiest/cutest/hottest/voluptuous/etc woman" he has ever met. soon as I get my shampoo and conditioner from his shower I think I'm going to "86" this guy.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Back to "Number 6"

Guy "Number 6" has recently apologized...apparently we have made up although things are still "iffy".

Being in my Mid 20's I find it hard living with my parents...don't get me wrong its a great way to save some money far can one person take advantage of there living situation. My point relating to the following...

Days in advance "Number 6" and I planned to go out to dinner(yesterday night). So today he asked if I'd like pizza...I agreed and said sure(although it wouldn't have been my pick for a first/second date unless it happened to be at Uno's which...I hate Uno's, no offense). In this wasn't Uno's...or even Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa Johns, etc. It was frozen pizza from the store...which his mom cooked at home for everyone. I was stunned really...I mean, the first incident with him wanting to go to the cheap downtown movie theatre and now being even cheaper and your mom making us all dinner. Common now! Doesn't he find that a bit embarrassing and childish even...can't we just get some time to ourselves. Can't I just get this dude outta his frickin parents house for once! For the love of God!!

He plans on moving out in June...but not far from his parents. I believe he does need to move out but...I hope he plans to grow up, stop being so darn cheap and starts living life a bit more. Sorry if I sound like a b*tch but...I can't live like that and I don't know if things can work between us if this is an on-going affair. Its sweet how he's obsessed with me but...I don't think I'm feeling him although I'm trying to give him the benefit of a doubt here. At least he apologized for not being clear about our dinner plans but sh*t...he should have stepped it up and just taken me out because I really just wanted to bounce up outta that place. I didn't get all cute for hours to just hang in his room and eat frozen pizza off a paper plate.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fool Me Twice

Well “guy number 6” turned out to be just a big jerk as the guys before. As you may know, we were supposed to be going to the NASCAR event together. Since this guy had practically begged me to go, I even called out of work because he begged me so badly to go with him.

Well yesterday morning he texts me saying “not to sound like a jerk but you’re going to have to pay me for the ticket”. I was like “okay…how much is the ticket?” him claiming the ticket is $100. It’s not like I don’t have the money to go but…I’d rather not spend it on something like watching cars go around a track which…I could do at home really.

Then he went so far to tell me that he wasn’t sure if he could afford for me to go if I didn’t pay him for the ticket. It’s like…you could afford $200 when you bought 2 tickets in the first place but suddenly you have to check to see if you can afford it when you’ve already purchased the tickets prior to ever even having me in your life? Doesn’t make much sense to me, I mean, it was either he brings me or he pays for a ticket to an event he will go to by himself and waste $100 since he couldn’t find anyone else willing to go out of there way for him.

It’s like, the other night he tried to tell me how we should do dinner and a movie and get a room together. When we ended up just watching a DVD he had already purchased and hanging at his place so…how much do you think that would’ve cost if we had done what he wanted to in the first place? Let me do some research on the cost of those 3 things combined…

Normal Dine-in Dinner: Est. $40 for 2 w/tip
Average Matinee Movie Tickets (w/out food): $10/x2 Adults
Cheapest Hotel Online: $65.00/1 Night (16.5 miles from his place)

Looks like his cheap-self could’ve afforded it to me. Even if we had just had dinner and the hotel or a movie and the hotel, it would’ve been over $100 or a little under. Unless, he wants to take me to McDonalds and go for the Dollar Menu on our first date? Ha-ha. He didn’t even want to go to a normal movie theatre…he wanted to go to one of the ones in a little downtown area so…it probably would’ve been a cheaper ticket for some older movie. What the heck was I thinking? This is why we should always listen to our instincts. No wonder he thinks I’m out of his league (because I apparently am)…I guess because I expect to be treated like a queen, which he knew anyway, heh. He’s a manager that lives with his parents, how could he not afford $100? I think a typical kindergartner has $100 without any having a job!

So, back to the story at hand. He claims to have texted me tons of times to my cell phone…which I didn’t receive a single text from him since earlier in the day when he had requested ticket money about 12 hours after I had initially just left his house telling him I could go with him to the race. So I waited till 9pm to finally text him and ask him why he never got back to me on him being able to afford for me to go. He claims in those tons of messages to me that he was trying to tell me how he could afford for me to go with him after all. So I got pretty happy about that and then I proceed to ask him if he still wanted me to go with him. He then says how he ended up getting his Dad to go since he didn’t hear from me. It's like; your hearing from me now, why can’t you just tell your Dad you had wanted to take me?! So whatever, I waited a little bit and texted with “well, I was waiting for your call to tell you that I could afford to go with you after all”, just to be queen-bee about it. He hasn’t said anything to me since, and I had to tell my work to disregard my “family emergency”, shame on me, and him.

Word to the wise…if a guy preaches he is some “southern gentlemen”, it’s just the same as a guy trying to tell you he’s a “nice guy”. In reality, if he’s a nice guy, he doesn’t go around saying that he is. Also means…he’s probably a southern hick or prick is more the word.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Better Judgement

As women I believe we should try to give some men the "benefit of the doubt" as you read from my previous post and also be keen to what your instincts are telling you about someone.

Today I was meeting up with a new guy, which makes him date number 6 this year(although I have yet to blog about guy number 5). We have been friends on for some time now although we've only chatted on and off...up until now of course. He writes me and tells me how he has gotten out of a relationship he had been in and how he is looking to meet someone new in his life. Although he acts as if I'm out of his league he is very sweet to me and I try to assure him that I'm just set type really and I try to assure him that we're more alike then he ever could imagine.

So today we were suppose to go on a date and he was so excited about it around 8am and he's all texting my cell phone and everything. Little to my knowledge he had a doctors appointment that didn't go at all well later that day. To make a long story short, he starts being indecisive about our date and over reacting and just...being plain odd. So we basically come to a conclusion that today is just...not going to be at all a good day for us to meet up. So we cancel the date, he feels horrible but I know its for the best although I was a little pissed he had waited so long to inform me which he did appologize for.

So I eat dinner and about an hour later he's calling my cell. He changes his mind saying how he does want to go out now. Which...has thrown me for a loop to say the least because I was basically ready to stay in and call it a night after basically being stood-up in such an odd way. So I cave in and tell him that okay, we'll meet up. 20 minutes later he's calling me asking where I am...I hadn't even finished getting ready yet. So feeling aggravted from earlier and then him being too pushy I just tell him that...I don't think today will be a good day for us to hangout. So I basically stand him up(a first for me but...he did it first!).

Then I turn into him and text him and write him online about how I'm sorry for cancelling on him like that and so forth. So we gradually work our way into a conversation again trying to assist the issues at hand and I just had to find out what happened at his doctors appointment that he wouldn't tell me about earlier but he had to discuss it with his parents so urgently.

Come to find out not only was his blood pressure high but he could possibly have cancer which was unexpected news to him. I mean, I was in shock really and felt horrible for him and I'm praying to God he doesn't have cancer because this guy is just someone after my own heart. Cancer is a very sensitive subject for me. Having lost one of my most dearest family members to it has been one of the hardest things for my family and I. So yea, I mean...I felt horrible for the guy and just wanted to show him my love and support and reassure him that I will always be someone that's there for him regardless if we ever have a meaningful relationship or not.

I will be the first to tell you that I was crying and praying for this guy today. So, we ended up spending time at his place tonight and watching a DVD after all the standing up we had done to each other today we couldn't stand it anymore. Not only was it nice just being with someone that looked at me with such admiration and an open heart to finding new love in his life but he appreciated me even more-so because I had showed how much I cared for him since he has basically been a stranger to me up until recently and meeting him for the first time today. He also had tickets to the Nascar event this week and I've called out of work "family emergency" on my way over to his place to be able to go with him(he seemed happy and surprised I did so because I had mentioned earlier I had to be at work that day and couldn't go) since he had no one else able to go with him and was worried about having an extra ticket with no one to use it. Life is too precious and too short to worry about things like work because to me family, friends and God always comes first.

Well, for anyone else reading this blog out there, your thoughts and prayers for him will be greatly appreciated. He'll find out next week if he does have cancer or not, I'll do my best to keep everyone posted.